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  • 2010-04-30 (Fri)


FY 2010 FY 2009 Blog moves. Sincerely, thank you about the migration.

Omotehama Blog 2010 English

Conference Announcement coastal biodiversity

Straddle the border ~ ~ Eco-Strategy
"Beaches and coastal ecosystem services of coastal biodiversity,"Lecture

Time: 1:30 pm ~ Saturday, April 17, 2010 4:00 field Chapters: Lecture Room A2-101 Toyohashi University of Technology
Participation: Free Presented by: Committee on Regional Development Strategic Plan for Eco-border inter Toyohashi University of Technology lecturer NPO Japan Network Table beach: Professor Kosuke Suda Tamotsu (Germany) Coastal Ecosystem Conservation Laboratory National Fisheries University Department of Biological Production

Sandy beach area is surprisingly often overlooked. I really probably not deserved. A protein source in Japan in the past, I have supported a coastal shallow sandy area in this fact. It also has sandy beaches maintain ecosystem services, foster continuity with the support of circulatory function and ecological diversity.

During the interim Greetings ※. Please note that the schedule could change.

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WelCame clean up (it mean a welcome to sea turtle.)


Beach Clean Greetings!
For spring, many on the beach now and thank you for your help. Let's beautiful beaches cleaned before everyone! Well join Turtle! It is.

Time: 9:00 am Saturday, April 17, 2010 ~ 11:00
Location: Join coast where coastal beach areas Kojimachō Table: Free (We look forward to your application in advance)
Organizer: NPO Omotehama network,
Sponsor: Toyohashi East LC · LC · Toyohashi Toyohashi Port LC LC · Tahara
Cooperation: Beach Omotehama Beach School, Toyohashi Surfing Association

Payment: trash bags, gloves Bring: towel, easy-to-work clothes (rain gear) water bottle.
Everyone participating in the grant I received after the bread and juice.

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Denso ECO Ranger 21 Toyohashi course leader meeting


This time, DENSO ECO courses you for helping us Toyohashi Ranger 21 Thank you.
From this time course because it will allow me to operate as an independent event planning Toyohashi Denso Manufacturing, thank you for your support cooperation.
Since the meeting we will inform you as follows: Leader, thank you bon appétit to attend.

Purpose: Review and confirm details of implementing the local order of the day smooth operation.

Date: April 10 (Sat) 9:00 ~ 15:00 <※ held rain or shine>
※ When the bad weather, may be canceled. If the weather is uncertain, after 5pm the day before, this web site or call the main gate :0532-44 -2405 Denso Toyohashi Plant

Tomorrow will be conducted as scheduled.

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The east wind blows

This morning the east wind is blowing a cloud spread thin. The sea is rough and the wind already. Take the beach and the last two lines are becoming a stage ~ Obama has lapped the sandy beach side in three days. But subduction is amazing feet to water's edge and step into a new stage. Spring is the time easy but also with the direction of the wind currents.

UN 2010 "Year of Biodiversity" is. Also in Nagoya, "Conference of the Parties on Biological Diversity COP10" will also be held.
blogging from today Omotehama coast2010 Omotehama Blogmigrate.

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Spring weather in the afternoon

It so Cold! As in previous icily is no salvation. It is likely the outcome of warm sunshine. The sea is beginning to wind effects are swell out about the shoulder. Or from the cold this morning, a quiet beach is less clear. Afternoon has gradually increased the warmth and sunshine clouds away.

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Cloudy skies

This morning, the sky clouds spread Shimai down hill again. Hey last for a break for me. I had great pains warm, westerly winds are likely to fall in the temperature again.

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NIPPON Foundation 2010 Spring Exchange Meeting

Omotehama-net from the beach this season with the support of the Nippon Foundation, and start new initiatives coastline. Yesterday we participate in various organizations are supported by the Japan Foundation, "2010 Spring Meeting Exchange Foundation in Japan," headed to.

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Rain again

I can not retain two days break. Rain this morning but not yet falling, the sky has a very heavy cloud. Sea beach is blowing easterly wind waves. Cherry blossoms bloom etc., I go up and the number.

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Best day of Hanami(Cherry blossoms)

Northwest winds weakened slightly today I sakura(Cherry blossoms) flowers. Sea without weakening was expected if wind and wave gently in only Shorebreak. Shorebreak had to play as a last resort. I started to flow into the sea water temperature off, I also experienced relief from the cold a little.

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Do a little closer to spring

The strong westerly wind this morning, we sat around a little break waves. However, the mornings will be lost on the way the tide waves. Settle to the sea. The water is so cold eased, some without limbs became comfortable boots gloves. The sunshine is warm, but it is still cold winds. Not even a wave or tomorrow.

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CITES briefing

Convention on International Trade in Endangered
Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. (C.I.T.E.S)

Reports last night JWCS of CITES (CITES) headed to. Aoyama, Shibuya, Tokyo is held in Qatar JWCS CITES COP15 meeting report.
Atlantic bluefin tuna is now talking about reality, I would really shed accurate information? Terms of lack of understanding seems to be great for me. First CITES (CITES) is not a Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, the reason that the conservation of species claims not directly. Without this recognition, the reason that directly related to the tuna and eat it in one form attached Re It did not like. The media gang "could not eat tuna!" Not only with the news. What we are really have problems with that?

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This is wild this morning. The sea is rough with strong westerly wind. Has become a little brighter in the western sky is raining also lull. It is likely to place pressure from winter again tonight. Lunch near the rain ceased. Westerly sea has become a powerful flying off the crest of a wave. Apparently, so tomorrow I wave disappeared.

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Morning Drizzle

Into the morning drizzle in April. Sky clouds and has spread west. Hey It's raining again. This is helpful and ocean temperatures will rise a little because it seems to me the south wind blowing. The sea is only about a broken hip at the water's edge at most wave tide.

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